#WhyWeSweat with Rachel Rubin

NB Fitness Ambassador shares the why behind her fitness journey

Your 5:30 am alarm goes off and no matter how many hours of sleep you got, for some reason making that trek out of bed and to the gym is always the hardest mission ever. Yet, that post-workout feeling that keeps you energized throughout the day makes the early wake up calls so worth it – and you’re right back at it again the next day.

We’re all out there sweating for different reasons, yet arguably the same. Striving for a heathier, fitter life is the journey we’re all on – whether it by yourself, with a buddy or a coworker – we want to know what keeps you moving. #WhyWeSweat

NB Fitness Ambassador Rachel Rubin is fitness professional in Philadelphia, PA specializing in Mind Body coaching. She admits that when she “originally started working out I thought it was a strange concept.” Having been an athlete her whole life, it felt strange to have to go to a place to move your body and stay in shape. But after she connected with a deeper level of fitness she quickly realized that “exercise enhances the connection between all parts of your body so that your whole self can function at its strongest.” What’s your why? “I sweat because it keeps my mind, body and energy aligned and working together at their best,” says Rachel.


“A strong foundation translates into securely supporting yourself with confidence.” - Rachel Rubin

“I sweat most importantly to show my daughter to be a driven, inspired woman that works hard for what she wants and believes in.”

- Rachel Rubin #whywesweat

The ‘we’ has completely transformed my journey in the last few years. I attracted and created a group of beautifully inspired women that come together to strengthen and support themselves and each other. This community of women not only hits our fitness goals together, but the success has transferred to major change in all other aspects of life as well.”

Don’t hug me I’m sweaty. What does breaking a good sweat mean to you?

“Sweat represents the ability of your body to withstand,” explains Rachel. “Pushing it to new limits and getting a physical reaction from it is actually your body training to withstand any opposing forces it encounters in life.” Some women get the thrill of a high intensity workout leaving them drenched when it’s over, and some prefer the hustle that brings them to that sweaty glisten. Regardless, we’re all in it together, conquering one goal at a time.


So, tell us, why do you sweat? Show us on Instagram by tagging #whywesweat.

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Photography Credit: Linette Kielinski 


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