Untold Athlete Stories: Told Here

Inspiring stories aren't limited to the news. They're all around us.

These athletes are defying expectations every day in their pursuit of better. Doubt from others doesn’t hold them back, it propels them forward. These athletes are #greaterthanthewin.


Athlete Story: Bryce Robinson

In high school, Bryce Robinson found himself homeless – until he found his home on the track.


After being kicked out of the house following a fight with his step dad, Bryce Robinson, a high school sophomore at the time, wandered the streets without any clear direction on where to go next. He was fortunate to connect with a generous family who provided the structure and support that encouraged him to try out for the track team.

Bryce’s natural talent made him an immediate threat on the track, but his relentless work ethic made him absolutely dangerous. By the end of high school career, he was a 8x All-American and continued on to a successful collegiate career.


In a sport full of left turns, Bryce used track to change the direction of his life for the better.

Watch Bryce’s story below:

Athlete Story: Emmy Shea

At 5'1", Emmy Shea doesn’t exactly seem fit for the Boxing world. That’s exactly why she loves it. 

Competitors were bigger, and stronger. She also came from the affluent Mainline of Philadelphia, where many friends and family weren’t supportive of her choice to box. But that didn’t stop her. In fact, it motivated her to make a statement.  


Recently, her dreams came crashing down, after she was knocked out during a fight she was not qualified for…now she trains harder than ever, in her pursuit to get back in the ring.

Watch Emmy’s story below:

Athlete Story: Victor Davies

It would have been easy for Victor to give up. Instead, he gave everything he had.


Victor grew up in a single parent home where food was scarce and money was hard to come by. He also battled obesity and was constantly bullied as a child. Through the support of his father and his love of cricket, Victor overcame those dark days to become a successful cricket player, entrepreneur, and athlete coach in New Zealand.

Victor is a winner on the pitch. But his real victories come off of it.

Watch Victor’s story below:


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