Rooks of Hazzard

The New Balance Numeric team travels through the South East USA
null Anthony Schultz | Bean Plant | Photo: Brian Gaberman
Jordan Trahan | Wallride to Wallride | Photo: Gaberman
Levi Brown | Ollie | Photo: Gaberman

Franky Villani | Lipslide Over Gap | Photo: Brian Gaberman

Chad Tim Tim | Switch Back Smith Bigspin Out | Photo: Brian Gaberman

Franky Villani, Anthony Schultz, Dakota Servold, Marius Syvanen, Jack Curtin, Levi Brown, Chad Tim Tim, Tyler Surrey, Jordan Trahan, PJ Ladd
Marius Syvanen | Ollie To Pivot

Tyler Surrey | Smith Grind | Photo: Brian Gaberman

Levi Brown | Kickflip | Photo: Gaberman

Franky Villani | 50-50 | Photo: Brian Gaberman

Jordan Trahan | Varial Flip | Photo: Brian Gaberman


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