Custom 574’s that Pair Perfectly With Messy Hair

By: The Moptop
Posted on January 27, 2015

Tonya Smith (aka The Moptop) is one of Portland, Oregon’s most popular fashion bloggers is making a statement with her custom 574’s. The Moptop is a 22 year-old fashion marketing student; attending class while working on the side and keeping up with her successful fashion blog. On the hunt for a fashion-forward every-day shoe, we had her design a custom pair of 574’s that could be versatile, trendy and of course, comfy. We had a chat with The MopTop about her style, her blog, her business and her shoes. Check out what Tonya had to say below and shop the MopTop 574 here:

The Moptop Custom 574's

NB: How did your blog/business come about?

MT: I started my blog in January 2011. I saw a fashion retailer blog and thought it was really cool that there’s a bunch of girls around the world doing all this creative stuff—I wanted to be part of it too! It was originally more of an inspirational blog, not so much fashion but then I started to post my outfits and it really took off.

NB: How did you build your following?

MT: It took a long time to build my following! Eventually I got some brand recognition and companies wanted to work with me. I started working with a popular teen magazine and things really started snowballing after that – it really helped gain exposure.

NB: How would you define your style?

MT: It’s so hard to define because it’s definitely changed over the years. I used to be sort of bohemian but I’ve moved away from that a bit. I take a lot of inspiration from the 60’s—I really like the simple style from back then. Lately, I’ve been a minimalist and keeping things clean and simple. I don’t like having to think about my outfit too much. I’d say my style right now is simple with a vintage twist.

The Moptop Custom 574's

NB: Where did you get your nickname “Moptop” from?

MT: It’s inspired by my favorite band, the Beatles, and my messy hair!

NB: Does it take long to get your “messy hair” style?

MT: My hair is naturally curly but not the ‘cute’ kind of curly—I have to style it a bit! I curl the top part and don’t brush through the whole thing. I just brush the ends and kind of let it go. I wear lots of wide brim hats because with the weather over here in Portland your hair can get kind of crazy.

The Moptop Custom 574's

NB: What inspired you while designing your custom New Balance 574’s?

MT: I wanted something pretty simple but with a little flair. I was going for an every day go-to shoe that’s comfy and fashionable at the same time; something you can wear with everything. I figured the two tones of grey would keep it neutral and then I’d throw in maroon to have a bit of color to make it pop. Honestly, I think the shoe would be good for guys too! It can be worn with pretty much anything. 

The Moptop Custom 574's

NB: What do you recommend wearing these custom 574’s with?

MT: Lately I’ve been wearing them with a big coat—it’s pretty trendy lately. I just got a camo/tan coat, so I’ll throw on a grey shirt with black jeans and the 574’s for a stylish casual look. I also like the idea of dresses with them. A simple black dress with an unexpected sneaker is really cute. Pairing overalls with New Balance sneaks is another great look—these would look great with overalls. At the end of the day, this shoe is a nice go-to because it’s fashionable but extremely comfy. You’ve got to have something like this in your closet so you don’t have to wear heels when you’re running around all the time. 

The Moptop Custom 574's

Photography by Leo Heflin


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