Take shorter strides at a faster pace.

Overstriding can create stress on the joints and other inefficiencies in your walk. An ideal stride length is one that's comfortable, doesn't break your posture and allows you to have a soft, unlocked knee.



Minimize impact, maximize your efficiency.

Land lightly on the center of your heel and transition forward smoothly through your midfoot to toe-off, pushing off evenly from your toes.



Walk with a long, tall spine.

Reaching above you pulls everything up tall, stacks your vertebrae, puts your pelvis underneath you, pulls your shoulders back and creates full-body alignment. Keep your chin up, your head level and your gaze forward.


Practice what you’ve learned.

Attend a Good Form Walking Clinic.

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Get the right shoe.

What to look for in a walking shoe.

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New Balance developed the Good Form Walking program in collaboration with Playmakers — the developers of Good Form Running — good form expert Grant Robison, along with the NB Sports Research Lab, NB footwear engineers and fitness expert Holly Perkins.

Grant Robison

is a former competitive runner, a ten-time All-American and Olympian. Since retiring from competitive running, Grant has worked with the founders of Playmakers (an athletic retailer group based in Michigan) to develop Good Form Running and now Good Form Walking. After having spent a good part of his competitive career injured, Grant knows first-hand the value of having good form.

Holly Perkins

is a celebrity trainer and New Balance Fitness Ambassador. Holly has devoted her life to learning (and in turn, teaching) all about fitness, nutrition and general health. She's had many clients that are fitness walkers and the principles of Good Form Walking are what she's found to be the most mechanically efficient and effective way to walk.

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