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I've Been 10 Years in the Making

Jermain Todd
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Jermain Todd knows great things don't get built overnight — just ask him about the project that took him over 2 months and 1000s of cuts to complete. Before beginning his career in eco-friendly woodworking 10 years ago, Todd was set on a path in marketing. But with the twists and turns life takes, found himself back in his hometown of St. Louis where he transformed a job in sustainable wood distribution into a thriving career as a craftsman.


Never formally trained in woodworking or metalworking, Jermain mastered his craft cut by cut, piece by piece. In 2005, he founded boutique fabrication studio Mwanzi Co., which has grown to include a line of euro-style cabinetry and a line of rustic contemporary furniture.

Jermain's work is grounded in the feeling and connection he has with the reclaimed and eco-friendly materials he uses — all of which are sourced from within a 1-hour radius of his St. Louis shop. His dedication to his values is unwavering and inspiring: the mark of a great maker and a driving force that, luckily for us, results in beautiful custom furnishings.


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