Numbers are a universal language. Numbers evolve and grow. Numbers speak louder than words.

Divided by Age. United by Passion.

Patrick Martinez & Mr. Lau
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Patrick Martinez is an LA-based visual artist who made his name working with various mediums including neon tubes. We traveled with him across the world to connect with a traditionalist, Mr. Lau. A neon sign maker who has mastered his craft over 50 years, Mr. Lau is one of the few remaining true craftsmen in Hong Kong. Though divided by language, Martinez and Lau connect over their mutual love of neon sign making and passion for bringing sublime beauty to everyday people and objects.

Taking the ordinary and making it exceptional. Patrick Martinez and Mr. Lau light up the mundane by taking everyday objects and making them shine.


Patrick Martinez is wearing our 580 Solarized, featuring glow-in-the-dark outsoles and neon color pops.
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