Numbers are a universal language. Numbers evolve and grow. Numbers speak louder than words.

Everyone wanted a cool name.
We wanted numbers.

Terry Heckler
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The founder of communication company Heckler Associates, Terry Heckler has been instrumental in the start-up and change-up phases of many popular consumer brands. His work has been exhibited in graphic and communication arts magazines, and he has won numerous awards for his work on TV commercials. And for us, Heckler has been instrumental in the creation and branding of our "N" logo, as well as our lasting love of numbers.


Heckler's studio walls are filled with decades of work, including a selection of the 24,700 small "phone comps" he's done over the years while on the phone.


Terry Heckler is wearing our Made in USA 990v4. Click here to shop the collection.

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