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Girls When it comes to carefully crafting clothes and shoes for children, New Balance knows that the perfect pair of shoes and that just-right outfit is all about creating something your children want to wear - and durability doesn't hurt either. Our kid's collection is focused on performance, comfort, and of course, versatility - from the playground to the classroom, your child can look good, feel great, and never skimp on that sporty, comfortable balance you're looking for. New Balance's kid's shoe selection is designed to place comfort and durability at the forefront all without sacrificing function and style. Our shoes are created with cushioning technology that turns your child's favorite pair of shoes into an everyday, must-wear sneaker. With easy-to-use features that make New Balance shoes the perfect choice for children, your kids will be laced up and ready to go in no time. Our shoes bring versatility to your children - whether they're looking for the perfect running shoe, soccer cleat, or training sneaker, there's a comfortable, thoughtfully-designed shoe out there to help your child succeed - no matter what their mission is. But that's not all - when it comes to apparel, New Balance is sure to provide the cool clothes that kids actually want to wear, all while making sure they're durable, comfortable, and resilient enough to outlast playtime or game time, every time. From graphic tees with breathable, comfortable fabric, to sport-specific uniforms, fast track tights, and performance pullovers, there's a fashionable and functional choice in New Balance's collection for every kid - no matter their favorite activity!

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