Men's Shoes


Athletic Sneakers and Shoes for Men

Every race, every game and every step is a journey. No matter where your feet take you or how they get you there, New Balance is here to provide you with the comfortable, supportive and long-lasting ride that you demand.

From performance-focused training shoes designed to support each rep in the gym to classic sneakers that elevate your style, New Balance shoes are designed to help outlast and endure—all while providing long-standing comfort for your journey.

New Balance's collection of men's shoes are engineered without compromise, ensuring that your choice of footwear doesn't just look good and feel good, but also is sure to stand the test of time. Options like our 880 series offer runners the plush, proven running shoes they need to go the extra mile. Meanwhile, our Fresh Foam Cruz series offers a slip-on design with a minimalist, mid-sole saddle for all-day comfort.

With a sweeping variety of options that are stylish and savvy, as well as conforming and comfortable, New Balance's collection of men's shoes proves that when it comes to footwear, sacrifice should never be an option. Crafting men’s shoes that provide the wide range of performance, style, and features you’re looking for is our primary goal.