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Men's Classic Sneakers

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Made in USA 990v2


Full of the best looks in throwback street style, New Balance's line of men's classic sneakers represents a powerful connection to our heritage look and feel. While our product has evolved through modern design, materials and construction, we stay true to our iconic sneaker roots. Every pair of men's classic shoes in our lifestyle line has a performance legacy that helped it earn its classic status.


Step outside and embrace the blend of iconic shoe design and comfortable sneaker feel. Don't neglect your shoe game, spice up your closet with some timeless icons. Options are essential, and our line of men's casual sneakers includes a range of bright and vibrant colors to more sleek and muted looks. That way, there's no stress about working these into any outfit.

It doesn't matter what you call them - retro, vintage, throwbacks or classics, these men's casual shoes will make a statement without fading away. We take pride in our retro-style classic shoes, which have remained popular and made heads turn for decades. From limited releases to updated basics, these styles are always available no matter what time of year it is.

Footwear plays a significant role in men's style, and our popular casual sneakers for men prove that this type of look won't disappear. Tie your outfit together effortlessly with our latest men’s pants and long sleeve shirts. New Balance is committed to providing quality products to our consumers, so you'll never have to look elsewhere for the best options.