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Men's Running Shoes

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Middle-aged man in a running pose in front of a beige studio backdrop wearing head-to-toe NB Running gear Middle-aged man in a running pose in front of a beige studio backdrop wearing head-to-toe NB Running gear

Run your way.

Run your way.

A man wearing gray FuelCell Propel shoes while running on a track. A man wearing gray FuelCell Propel shoes while running on a track.

FuelCell Propel v4 

FuelCell Propel v4 

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Our Best Running Shoes for Men

Ready to elevate your run? New Balance is proud to present a line of carefully cultivated and mindfully crafted running shoes that are designed to protect, conform, endure, and outperform. No matter the run, no matter the terrain, no matter the goal, New Balance makes a running shoe that's guaranteed to provide lasting comfort and stability.

Designed without compromise, New Balance running shoes are guaranteed to provide a responsive ride that fuels your run - in other words, get ready to feel faster-than-fast. Speed-seeking, breathable, conforming fit, optimal cushioning - New Balance has something for every run and every man.

The best part? New Balance men's running shoes look as good as they feel. With a variety of stylish and savvy options, never again do you need to choose between fashion and function. Whether you seek an aggressive shoe with a rugged look or a minimalistic, stripped-down style, there's a New Balance running shoe out there for you.

Shoes for Racing, Cross Country, and Track & Field

New Balance running shoes for men range from racing flats to minimal styles to trail running shoes. Soft, light, cushioned, and breathable, New Balance running shoes are crafted with the best performance in mind - no matter the run, no matter the PR, no matter the obstacle, New Balance offers a running shoe that's crafted to grant you the support, comfort, and durability you need to conquer any and every run. When you're finished going the distance check out our men's sport style shoes. This line of men's casual shoes is designed to provide ultimate comfort while keeping the sleek athletic look you love.

How should running shoes fit?

A running shoe that fits well will be comfortable and snug without being too tight. Ideally, there should be about ½ to a full thumb width of space from the front of the shoe to your big toe, offering enough space to wiggle your toes freely without feeling too restricted or too loose. The right running shoe should feel like a natural extension of your body.

How do you best wash running shoes?

For the best results and shoe longevity, try using warm water, dish soap, and a rag for spot cleaning—it’s best to avoid over soaking them in a washing machine. If you have stubborn stains or dirt, opt for an old toothbrush to scrub mud or debris away. To dry, stuff newspaper inside your running shoes and position them in front of a fan or allow them to air dry—it’s best to avoid putting your shoes in a dryer.

How do I pick running shoes?

The right running shoe is a unique choice for every runner. Your best course of action is to research your options to find the best fit for you and determine what your needs are. Filter through our site to search for options that can meet your unique needs. Do you need additional stability and engineered cushioning? New Balance offers shoes that put your needs first, like stability running shoes, neutral running shoes, motion control running shoes, and beyond.

What are the best running shoes for men?

The best running shoe for you will depend on your needs, goals, and the type of support you’re looking for. Your ideal running shoe will fit comfortably, address any instability issues you might have, and will have adequate cushioning that lasts. Typically, these factors will depend on the unique features of your feet, arches, and preferences.

How do you break-in running shoes?

Even perfect-fit running shoes might require a bit of a break-in period. Try wearing your running shoes throughout the day, for low-impact activities, and for shorter bursts of activity before you attempt long runs or races. Be sure to try a few shorter runs to ensure the shoes fit correctly after you’ve broken them in a bit.