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CJ Wilson's

Drive Zone

The Drive Zone

Pressure testing showed that power comes from loading up on the first metatarsal and big toe area.

The Drive Zone is a uniquely textured area of the insert that provides a mental reminder of where players should be driving from.

Xander Bogaerts'

Drive Zone


Thin film along the saddle provides lightweight support and breathability.

Seamless Vamp

One-piece supple synthetic provides continuous flexibility in the saddle.

Advanced Cushioning

During the portion of the game when a player is mentally active, they need to be ready to be physically explosive.

The 4040v3 is made to ease the transition as their weight shifts from back to front, with enhanced heel cushioning that helps deflect impact.

Debris Free Tongue

Gusset tongue construction helps keep dirt and small rocks away from your foot.

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