Pedroia Metal 4040v3

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Find your power with Drive Zone foot-to-field plate inside the toe of the 4040v3, a fresh new scientific approach to baseball cleat design through underfoot data collection from some of the game’s best. So others can play catch-up to you.

Pedroia Metal 4040v3

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Pedroia Metal 4040v3

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Product Details
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The game is ever evolving. Batters get better, pitchers get faster and your game has to catch up. Which is exactly why the 4040v3 metal cleat is built with amazing mid-foot support, low profile cleats for superior grip and strategically-placed cushioning to make your game almost effortless.
  • Camo lining
  • Debris-free tongue
  • Full-length REVlite RC® midsole
  • Metal cleats
  • NB Baseball data driven platform
  • Toe protect

From Our Lab
to the Batter's Box

CJ Wilson's

Drive Zone

The Drive Zone

Pressure testing showed that power comes from loading up on the first metatarsal and big toe area.

The Drive Zone is a uniquely textured area of the insert that provides a mental reminder of where players should be driving from.

Xander Bogaerts'

Drive Zone


Thin film along the saddle provides lightweight support and breathability.

Seamless Vamp

One-piece supple synthetic provides continuous flexibility in the saddle.

Advanced Cushioning

During the portion of the game when a player is mentally active, they need to be ready to be physically explosive.

The 4040v3 is made to ease the transition as their weight shifts from back to front, with enhanced heel cushioning that helps deflect impact.

Debris Free Tongue

Gusset tongue construction helps keep dirt and small rocks away from your foot.

Exclusive camo print

The Pedroia 4040v3

Own the only cleat worthy to carry his name.

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Customer Reviews
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customer reviews
4.5 out of 5 stars
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Justin maxon
New York
July 25, 2017
Overall Fit True to Size
Justin maxonNew York
July 25, 2017
Overall Fit True to Size
Heels are nice and comfy. The width of the cleat is perfect
Manhattan Beach, CA
June 26, 2017
Overall Fit True to Size
disappointed momma
clearance_heroManhattan Beach, CA
June 26, 2017
Overall Fit True to Size
My son could not wait to outgrow his current cleats to get these cleats. So you can imagine my disappointment when he wore them one time to one game and the seam at the toe was already separating. Very disappointed in the poor quality.
Las Vegas
February 13, 2017
Baseball Cleats
EmmettDalvinLas Vegas
February 13, 2017
Great fit, very comfortable! Love them and would definitely recommend.
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February 13, 2017
Baseball cleats
February 13, 2017
Very comfortable and I love the camo design- great baseball cleats
Rewards members can earn points for reviews
Genaro Cortez
Houston, TX, USA
February 08, 2017
Great Baseball Cleats
Genaro CortezHouston, TX, USA
February 08, 2017
This is my son third pair. He likes everything about the cleats. Plus first baseball cleat in a while with some style which the kids like.
Brenda Wells
Arkansas, USA
February 08, 2017
Brenda WellsArkansas, USA
February 08, 2017
My son loves these cleats. He says there more comfortable than most of his tennis shoes. First pair of cleats that have not hurt his foot. Will not buy any other brand of cleat in the future.
Daryl Weinman
Austin, TX, USA
February 08, 2017
They look good -- they are fresh
Daryl WeinmanAustin, TX, USA
February 08, 2017
perfect for high school baseball -- they look good and feel good
Showing 1 - 10 of 7 Reviews
Overall Fit
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