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Kanpei Hazama has finished 40,000 km, 766 day, Earth Marathon

January 21st 2011

New Balance celebrates his excellent achievement

Osaka, Japan -

On the night of the 21st January, 2011 Kanpei Hazama achieved his 40,000 km Earth Marathon by finishing the goal in Osaka, after his 766 day journey. Kanpei was welcomed by more than 3,000 Osaka citizens gathered at the Osaka Castle Park where the Earth Marathon Committee prepared a "first" finishing ceremony. Fans celebrated Kanpei's goal with a special 1 km long goal tape, which was filled with their supporting messages.

Then his final run continued to Namba Grand Kagestu, a small comedy theatre, the same place where Kanpei started to run 2 and half year ago, on the 17th of December, 2008. Kanpei's comedian friends and family celebrated his last goal: his son, Shintaro Hazama, an emerging young singer, welcomed him with his own song for Kanpei as his message of celebration.

"I am a happy man!" Kanpei said to the audience when he finished his goal. "When I started this, I didn't think I could do it in 2 years, and so I am so happy that my friends are here to welcome me."

Kanpei wore a special black running suit designed for his last run in Japan, which was inspired by rock-star-style. Kanpei's wore the New Balance MR1040V Earth shoes, designed with multi-colored world maps that showed where he ran.

His finish was broadcast nationwide in Japan by NTV network, as a special 2 hour program.

New Balance also celebrated Kanpei with special "Gold Shoes" of 1040V, to commemorate his finish of the Earth Marathon.

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