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Gifts for Boys

Finding the perfect holiday gift for the little guy in your life is never easy – just like keeping up with him is never easy, either. That's why New Balance has created our gift guide for boys to help you navigate the world of rough-and-tumble boyhood.

From pounding the pavement with their pals to running around the yard before bedtime, the little boy in your life deserves a comfortable shoe that can do more than keep him in style – it needs to keep up with him, too. At New Balance, we've crafted the perfect collection of boys' shoes, designed with responsiveness, speed, comfort, and protection at the forefront. Of course, we didn't forget style, either – the coolest pair of shoes in class matters, and we're here to help him win that title.

Our boys' shoes are perfect for supporting an active lifestyle – whether he's running, climbing, biking, or causing a little mayhem, our shoes are there to keep up with him, every step of the way. Each shoe is designed to keep your child comfortable while making sure that every step, every mile, and every accomplishment is responsive, protected, and supported.

Our minimalist, breathable shoes are the perfect holiday gift for boys on the go – you'll love to see him moving at his full potential, and of course, he'll love how cool his New Balance shoes make him feel.

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