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Women’s Running Shoes

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Our Best Women's Running Shoes

Speed-seeking. Responsive. Comfortable. New Balance is proud to offer an entire collection of women's running shoes that are designed with the most ideal, responsive run in mind. Mindfully crafted features that both elevate and emphasize your strengths, each shoe is specifically designed to support, protect, and cushion while creating the ultimate, responsive ride, run, and experience.

Lightweight, Comfortable Sneakers for Road, Trail or Track

Whether you're looking to power you run with aggressive, responsive shoes that feel faster-than-fast for your sprints and short runs, or you're looking for comfort that outlasts your longest miles, you can easily find the best road shoes, track shoes or women's trail running shoes that move you. From light, breathable, minimalistic styles that aim to elevate your speed to structured, protective styles that aid in stability and endurance. There's no run, no terrain, no goal that you cannot conquer with New Balance women's running shoes.

Ready for more good news? Never again will you have to choose between function and fashion. New Balance is proud to offer fresh, exciting styles that are as modern as they are timeless - created with an ideal balance of aesthetics and function in mind.

How should running shoes fit?

The best running shoe for you should feel like a natural extension of your foot that’s comfortable, snug, but never too tight. Ideally, your running shoe should fit with a ½ to a full thumb’s width of room between the front of the shoe and your big toe, leaving enough room to wiggle your toes freely without the shoes feeling loose.

How do you best wash running shoes?

Spot cleaning is the best option for cleaning your running shoes and encouraging longevity. Opt for dish soap, hot water, and a rag (or an old toothbrush if you’re dealing with stubborn debris) to spot clean mud and stains from your running shoes. Then, stuff your shoes with newspaper and let them air dry—position them in front of a fan for faster results.

How do I pick running shoes?

The process of finding the right running shoe is as unique as every runner. The best idea is to thoroughly research your options and determine what your unique fit needs might be. It also helps to evaluate how you will be using your running shoes. Do you plan to use them for a competitive edge on race day? Are you more interested in a supportive shoe for trail running? Filter your searches on our site to explore running shoes that prioritize stability, motion control, cushioning, and beyond.

What are the best running shoes for women?

Like most shoes, finding the best running shoe for your preferences will depend on unique factors like your foot, arches, goals, and stability needs. The best running shoe will offer the ideal balance of softness and stability, comfortable fit, and the preferred amount of cushioning for comfort and longevity.

How do you break-in running shoes?

The perfect-fit running shoe still might require a bit of a break-in period for optimal wear. Before you head off on any long runs, it might be beneficial to wear your shoes for shorter runs, activities around the house, and for low-impact running exercises to give them time to properly break-in. While this break-in period will likely be short, it’s best to allow a little time before lacing them up for a long run or a big race.