Cross Trainer Shoes for Women


Women's Training Shoes

Take control of the workout and rise above. New Balance trainers for women are cross-functional in the gym. If you want results, there are no cutting corners. The same goes for designing the best workout shoes for women. Our line is ready to face whatever the day's routine brings. This do-it-all collection keeps feet grounded during deadlifts and gives a lightweight response when running to hit your personal best.

Training doesn't stop when the gym closes, and neither should your footwear functionality. Women's trainers are typically designed surrounding one exercise style. We broke the mold and engineered shoes to shift seamlessly among environments, simplifying your workouts and daily life. In the market for a versatile weightlifting shoe? The Minimus Prevail TPU infused upper provides optimum stability and lightweight support. Alternatively, FuelCore NERGIZE is a more running style sneaker featuring performance-inspired bootie construction for a snug fit and long-lasting comfort.

Don't compromise with the wrong women's workout shoes. High-intensity training demands footwear that provides proper support during agility and quick lateral movements. When it is time to get vertical with plyo-jumps or high-intensity intervals, you need something that keeps you locked in. Each pair is developed to enable a broader range of motion than the average running sneaker.

We're here to set the industry standard with versatile and comfortable choices. No matter what the day has in store, be prepared to hit your next PB in confidence.