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NBRx connects your doctor's recommendations to certified retailers with the fit expertise and products to help keep you at your best.

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Foot Health Solutions

New Balance has made foot health a priority since 1906, when we began crafting custom arch supports. NBRx represents our comprehensive approach to foot health, delivering all the benefits of New Balance footwear, insoles and doctor's recommendations through select retail partners and fit specialists we train.

With over 100 years of experience working with elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts, New Balance is dedicated to developing state of the art technologies that help ensure a proper fit.


Even if you know the correct size and width of your foot, you could find yourself experiencing problems like blisters or other foot irritations.

With the right insole, you can further fine-tune the fit of your shoe so that it matches the specific contours of your foot and maximizes your comfort. From pressure relief to improved alignment, stability and targeted cushioning, we can help put the right combination of insole and footwear together for you.

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Shoe Lasts

Men versus women. Runners versus football players. High arches versus flat feet.

Each has very different performance needs that go beyond length and width to the very core of how their shoes are constructed. That’s where shoe lasts come in. The shoe lasts we design are developed for specific foot types, varying forefoot and heel widths, instep and toe box heights to help ensure your shoe meets the demands of your activity.

Shoe widths

A shoe that's too wide or too narrow can cause discomfort and potential for an injury as well.

That's why New Balance offers the majority of our shoes in multiple widths, from narrow (2A) to extra-extra-wide (6E). You’ll never have to choose between the shoe you want and the shoe that will help you perform your best.

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Shoes that fit better perform better.

Whatever your unique arch and foot type, whether recovering from a sports injury or protecting your running form, the fit and function of your footwear are crucial.

innovative technology for common foot conditions

A superior blend of foam cushioning and compression set, featuring rubber.

12% lighter than New Balance’s standard compression molded foam for exceptional durability.

Rubber compound for maximum durability used in high wear areas.

A medial support system that provides an extremely smooth transition from heel strike to toe-off. It is made from an injection molded engineered thermoplastic that offers a great deal of precision and consistency.

Offers the ultimate cushioning for the performance athlete.

24% lighter than New Balance’s standard compression molded foam for optimal compression set properties.

A resilient engineered elastomer designed to provide shock absorption and responsiveness for the optimal ride. Designed in multiple configurations to deliver unique consumer benefits.

Optimal arch support that’s both rigid and light-weight while preventing midfoot flex.

Our top of the line midsole foam. An amazing blend of comfort and performance.

N2 is a low-to-the-ground cushioning technology that is responsive and durable cushioning system in a low profile execution.

A posting system designed to reduce rear-foot movement.

A lightweight, flexible TPU shank engineered to deliver torsional stability in the shoe and arch support through a unique center beam design.

Get Fitted by a Pro

The Fit Specialists at NBRx-certified retailers are trained by New Balance to ensure you get the ideal fit and the right product for your foot and activity type.

Trained NBRx fit specialists can assess your gait, foot and arch type to help you find the right product and create your optimal fit.

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