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run smooth.
train tough.

Run, train and challenge yourself at the gym, on the road or off-road. Fresh Foam cushioning is micro-engineered for comfort and stability, however you move.

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When you want to feel fast, Fresh Foam Zante is sleek, snug and dialed in for speed with a bootie-like design that wraps the foot like a second skin.

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Fresh Foam

Fresh Foam


For days you feel like you need a little more cushioning or support, Fresh Foam Boracay offers more substantial cushioning underfoot and a soft seamless upper, making it ideal for long runs or heavy mileage.

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Fresh Foam


unbelievably soft.
unstoppable run.

Fresh Foam Zante Fresh Foam Boracay

Developed by studying biomechanical data from runners, Fresh Foam delivers a smooth heel to toe transition to keep your feet moving in comfort.


For the gains before the glory

Tested and worn by elite athletes, Fresh Foam trainers intensify your agility training to help take your game-time performance to new levels. Because every goal reached is just a new reason to push harder.

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High intensity
workout. Highly
cushioned trainer.

From the weight room to the circuit floor, Fresh Foam kicks up the comfort and style to motivate your high intensity workouts.

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Off-road advantages

Fresh Foam trail shoes combine the comfort of luxurious cushioning of a road shoe with an aggressively lugged outsole and protection from rocks and debris on the most challenging terrain.

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smooth over any

Your run doesn’t have to slow down when the going gets rugged. Explore more in well-cushioned comfort with Fresh Foam supporting you out on the trail.

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Fresh Foam The Science of Soft.
Using runner testing and analysis, Fresh Foam was the first collection to have biomechanical data inform its shoe design.
“It was the first time we had data and algorithm-based software help us design shoes. We had all this data from athletes: mostly impact, force and pressure testing. And we wanted to see how we could design midsoles with little to no input from designers. Straight data to design.” JF Fullum Director of Design Innovation
“What’s really unique about Fresh Foam and what gets me excited is, it’s just a smarter way to design soles and learn about where you need support and cushioning.” JF Fullum Director of Design Innovation
“It’s using data to influence the performance of the shoe. So it’s not like, ‘Oh, let’s just design something that’s trendy and looks funky.’ This is actually raw data. It looks like this because this is what the data is telling us. It’s performance driven.” JF Fullum Director of Design Innovation

Fresh Foam Running Shoes

Run hard, but land soft in Fresh Foam neutral-cushioned running shoes. Micro-engineered for comfort and stability, Fresh Foam technology delivers an uber-smooth ride that helps support your run.

Fresh Foam Strength Training Shoes

Cardio today. Strength training tomorrow. Fresh Foam for all of it. Every day, however you move, Fresh Foam strength training shoes help you take your workout to the next level in soft, cushioned comfort.

Fresh Foam Trail Running Shoes

When you run off road you don’t have to leave comfort behind. Take the power of plush cushioning with you as you conquer the most rugged terrain in Fresh Foam neutral-cushioned trail running shoes.

  • Fresh Foam Hierro, Grey with Pink

    Fresh Foam Hierro

    Women's Cushioning



  • Fresh Foam Hierro, Black with Teal & Yellow

    Fresh Foam Hierro

    Men's Cushioning




Fresh Foam Shoes

Run smooth. Train tough. Run, train and challenge yourself at the gym, on the road or off-road. Whatever your workout, Fresh Foam shoes provide cushioning that is micro-engineered for comfort and stability.