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New Balance running shoes for men range from racing flats to minimal styles to trail running shoes. Designed to meet your unique needs, our men's running shoes deliver the cushioning, stability or lightweight feel needed to perform your best.

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Neutral Cushioning

Built for athletes who seek the ultimate in cushioning and flexibility for their workouts, these running shoes deliver a comfortable ride mile after mile.

Stability and Motion Control

Support your run with men's stability and motion control shoes designed to help control pronation while providing the cushioned comfort your feet crave.

Trail Running

Spikes and Competition

Battle-tested by world champion athletes, men's NB competition spikes are built for athletes who want to maximize performance.

    The New 1400v3
    When Seconds Matter
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  • 1400v3, Lake Blue with Hi-Lite


    Men's Spikes/Competition



  • MD800v3 Spike, Bright Cherry with Orca

    MD800v3 Spike

    Men's Spikes/Competition



  • SD400v2 Spike, Electric Blue with Hi-Lite

    SD400v2 Spike

    Men's Spikes/Competition



  • LD5000v2 Spike, Chemical Green with Bright Cherry

    LD5000v2 Spike

    Men's Spikes/Competition



  • MD500v3 Spike, Dynomite with Electric Blue

    MD500v3 Spike

    Men's Spikes/Competition

    $49.99 - $69.99




For the man who believes that less is definitely more, these low-profile, lightweight running shoes offer a closer to barefoot fit and feel.