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Personal bests are meant to be broken. Break yours with the all-new Fresh Foam Zante. Featuring an impossibly smooth heel-to-toe transition and an explosive toe spring for an overall faster ride, giving you the opportunity to turn personal bests into personal betters.
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Designed from data gathered from fast runners, Fresh Foam Zante has an aggressive toe spring that delivers a quick, incredibly smooth heel to toe transition. Nothing is on the shoe that doesn’t need to be, making it feel like an extension of your foot.

COMPETITOR MAGAZINE’S “2015 Road Shoe of the Year”
TRIATHLETE MAGAZINE’S “Best in Class” award winner
RUNNING NETWORK’S “Best Performance Shoe” Award Winner
  • 6 mm drop: due to variances created during the development and manufacturing processes, all references to 6 mm drop are approximate
  • Molded sockliner
  • No-sew material application
  • Built using data gathered from runners at a fast pace, Fresh Foam Zante offers a quick, incredibly smooth heel to toe transition. So you can feel fast, whatever speed you run. Explore the Collection
    Fresh Foam Midsole

    Provides continual cushioning no matter where you come down on the shoe for a smooth ride

    Toe Spring

    Helps the shoe feel fast, assisting with the quick transition of the foot from heel to toe

    Lightweight rubber outsole

    One piece outsole helps provide a smooth ride in a lightweight package, while stabilizing and protecting the foot upon impact

    Breathable Upper

    The combination of no-sew support and premium breathable mesh provides a secure, yet flexible and soft fit

    Bootie Construction

    Wraps over and around the foot for a snug, sleek feel

    From Data to Design

    Fresh Foam ZANTE is Born

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    Overall Product Rating

    4.6 / 5
    11 Reviews

    118% of reviewers recommend this product

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    A Great Overall Shoe!

    9/21/15 by | Chicago, IL

    • Used Product For: 6-8 weeks
    • Avg Miles Per Week: 0-5 miles
    • Primary Activity: Walking

    "These New Balance Fresh Foam really seem to put New Balance over the edge in many categories. When I was comparing these shoes with many other running shoes from other companies, these New Balance beat out the other shoes looks, prices, and comfort. I originally did not even think of buying a pair of New Balance to begin with, but when I saw these shoes my thoughts completely changed for the better for New Balance. These shoes are very sleek in style while at the same time providing a very comfortable sole that keeps its comfort during a variety of walking and running situations. I do not run many miles in these (use these for walking more) but even walking many miles at a time in these shoes, my feet or legs never get sore. Not only are these shoes good for walking long distances in, but I also use them for shoes at the gym where they provide good support and they also breathe well. These shoes simply keep their shape and provide good arch support with the utmost comfort. For the price, New Balance seems to compete and beat the pricing of Brooks and other running companies while offering a shoe that can definitely rival the other major running companies. Overall, I would recommend these shoes not just for runners, but for anyone who wants a dependable, good-looking, comfortable shoe to wear for a variety of situations. New Balance really seemed to re-invent themselves when they launched this shoe and seems to be breaking away from the bulkier running and walking shoes they used to sell. Definitely would recommend buying a pair."

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    Very comfortable for a narrower foot; let it break in

    9/21/15 by | Byron Center, MI

    • Used Product For: 2-4 weeks
    • Miles with Product: 0-5 miles
    • Avg Miles Per Week: 0-5 miles
    • Primary Activity: Other

    Yes, I recommend this product.

    "Beware first impressions with these - coming from a pair of original Fresh Foams (earlier version of the current Boracay), I was surprised at how structured the insole on these felt, and it was really too much arch and lateral support for my Minimus-friendly feet. I tried running a few steps, and decided they were worth a shot for that purpose only, given a great forefoot feel, and nice cupping on the heel to keep that in place; after a mile, the insole was broken in and these became one of the most comfortable all-around shoes I own!"

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    Running Experience Second to None

    8/14/15 by | Oceanside CA

    • Used Product For: 8 or more weeks
    • Miles with Product: 20+ miles
    • Avg Miles Per Week: 20+ miles
    • Primary Activity: Running

    Yes, I recommend this product.

    "I've run half-marathons completely barefoot, so I don't take shoe-wearing lightly. A slight heel injury forced me to look for something with a bit of cushioning, but not so much that I'd completely lose the propriorecption that barefoot running provides. Reading about the FF Zante peaked my interest, so I purchased a pair from my local retailer. My first run was a pleasantly shocking experience. The shoe is undeniably light, quiet, and, comfortable (the EE size option is great, as my foot is wide). The running experience is comfortable, firm, with just the right amount of bounce. The shoe really helps keep forward momentum and encourages a fore- to mid-foot strike. Runs in the Zante are as good an experience as I've ever had in shoes. One downside is the durability of the upper mesh, which is my reason for deducting a star. As experienced by another reviewer, my uppers began to tear at the toe box on both shoes. A bit of glue prevented further tearing, but I hope that NB will figure out a way to improve on the durability of this part of these great shoes. I truly love running in these shoes. And I get compliments on their cool looks too!"

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    New favorite

    8/13/15 by | SD

    • Used Product For: 4-6 weeks
    • Miles with Product: 20+ miles
    • Avg Miles Per Week: 20+ miles
    • Primary Activity: Running

    Yes, I recommend this product.

    "I was skeptical about the "energy return" but it is noticeable on descents. This is an extremely quiet, easy-rolling shoe that pretty much disappears as you run. It's fairly stiff in the forefoot so you may not get the barefoot kind of workout for your feet if you train in them. For racing, the toespring/forefoot rocker makes up for the lack of flex. NB Zante would be my choice for any race: 5k-marathon at about 21 minutes-3:30. Outsole durability looks like it will be average or better for light weight marathon shoes."

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    5 of 11

    Good running shoe

    8/9/15 by | APO

    • Used Product For: 8 or more weeks
    • Miles with Product: 20+ miles
    • Avg Miles Per Week: 6-10 miles
    • Primary Activity: Running

    Yes, I recommend this product.

    "I enjoyed running in this shoe. I had no issues until a couple of weeks after running in them. They started to tear on the toe box and are still tearing I have put a lot of miles so far on this shoe and haven't had an issue, aside from the tearing. I would recommend this shoe to anyone."

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