Premium Performance 8 Inch Short

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Our Premium Performance 8" Short is all about comfort and coverage. NB Dry helps wick away moisture, keeping you comfortable and cool while the longer length helps flatter your figure.

Premium Performance 8 Inch Short

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Premium Performance 8 Inch Short

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Product Details
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Its contour waistband and flattering back yoke at the back give it a smooth, flattering fit. while front hand pockets offer plenty of storage.
  • Material: 88% Nylon and 12% Spandex
  • 8 inch inseam
  • Athletic fit
  • Back yoke
  • Contour waistband
  • Front hand pockets at hips
  • Imported
  • Reflective logo at center back of waistband
  • Top edge waistband key pocket
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Releases moisture away from the body
Fast drying

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customer reviews
4.0 out of 5 stars
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Brooklyn, NY
May 31, 2017
I wish these had a drawstring and more elastic at the c
aadayalBrooklyn, NY
May 31, 2017
These shorts have an elastic waistband and I felt when I was running that they were going to fall down. And the legs rid up a bit when I was running. I'm used to shorts that require less tugging when I'm running!
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Omaha Exerciser
May 10, 2017
I like these!
Omaha ExerciserOmaha
May 10, 2017
Other than the somewhat high cost, I really like these! They're flattering, a nice length, versatile enough for elliptical, treadmill or bike. My new favorites!
Showing 1 - 10 of 2 Reviews
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