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Adversary 2 Baseball Piped Pant Tapered
Adversary 2 Baseball Solid Pant Tapered
Adversary 2 Baseball Piped Knicker Athletic
Adversary 2 Baseball Solid Knicker Athletic

Men’s Baseball Pants

Every game deserves your A-game–that’s why every baseball player deserves a pair of perfect-fitting baseball pants to help them play confidently, comfortably, and in style. At New Balance, we’re proud to provide players with a curated collection of technology-backed baseball pants with engineered comfort in mind. Our selection of baseball pants balances comfort and style with performance and functionality, never asking you to choose between what looks good and what works best.

The New Balance difference is more than just what baseball pants you’re wearing–it’s what those pants can do for your on-the-field performance. So, what exactly is the New Balance difference? To start, it’s the mindful technology we’ve meticulously integrated into each pair of baseball pants. But that’s not all–the New Balance difference is in the fitted comfort of each pair, the nod to nostalgia, and of course, the emphasis on a modern, comfortable and athletic fit. Whether you’re perfecting a new play in practice, stealing home in a scrimmage, or leading the team to victory from the pitcher’s mound, our selection is here to complement your style and enhance your performance, every step around the diamond.

From the dugout to the outfield, from the pitcher's mound to a stolen home base, the right baseball pants can make or break the game–that’s why we’ve created a must-shop selection every baseball player deserves. With sweat-wicking technology, compressive features, and athletics fits that pay homage to classic baseball aesthetic without sacrificing modern functionality, our selection of New Balance baseball pants are sure to please even the pickiest player. Discover game-changing essentials like our baseball pants, baseball sweats, and baseball shorts–each designed to bring you the comfort you need on and off the field.