Men's Athletic & Running Shorts


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Men's Athletic & Running Shorts

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Workout & Running Shorts for Men

Beat the heat - and your latest PR - with optimal comfort in a pair of New Balance's Men's Athletic Shorts. Meet the collection that's overflowing with functional, comfortable and stylish options perfect for every man, every athlete and every goal. Whether you're on your way to gearing up for your latest and greatest challenge or you're trying to pare down to combat the summer sun, our collection of men's sports shorts are sure to provide you with the speed, endurance and durability you need to push your game to the next level.

Our styles - ranging from 3-inch inseams and greater - come in a variety of prints, colors, fits and styles in order to cater to every runner out there (and to help you crush your goals). Every pair of New Balance shorts offer performance-driven technology that makes your run more comfortable, more seamless and ensures you're more focused than ever to dominate your goals.

You'll love the short-perfecting details like our NB DRY technology that ensures moisture is wicked away constantly, and our inner brief options that provide optimal comfort for the longest runs. Our men's running and athletic shorts collection is full of options that ensure you're always on your way to setting your next PR.

Seeking out the perfect pair of performance shorts that'll keep you dry, comfortable and ready for anything? Our collection features top-of-the-line gym shorts designed to take your game - no matter what it is - to the next level. If you're looking to seamlessly blend functionality with fashion, durability and enhanced performance, look no further - our collection of men's shorts are designed with what matters most in mind, your goals.

With fitted, athletic and relaxed styles in the collection, New Balance has the perfect-fit pair for every athlete and every challenge - whether it's crushing the final mile of your ultra-marathon or taking a break and lounging around the house on your day off.