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Beyond the Run

Running can activate your mind and body in ways that might change your life.

Why we run.

It’s a given that running can be good for you, but there’s more to it than physical fitness. We reached out to runners to gain perspective on the less tangible benefits. How does running help you improve your mental well-being, overcome challenges, and become the best version of yourself?

Close-up portrait of GaTa – actor, rapper, and mental health advocate – gazing pensively into the distance against an overcast outdoor background

Beyond the Run with GaTa

You know GaTa as a successful hype man, rapper, and actor. Now get to know GaTa the runner. He’s looking to activate both his body and his mind, and along the way, increase awareness of the importance of mental health. Because there’s more to running than just physical fitness. Introducing a new series featuring GaTa. Watch his journey from never even considering running to his first organized race in NYC.

Image of Katie Grossman running in the mountains

My love of running and drive to get back to the sport has pulled me through some of the most difficult experiences of my life.

Katie Grossman – Ultra Trail Runner

Q & A

How does running help you be the best version of yourself? 

I think at our core humans crave progress. Running is such a pure manifestation of that, whether it’s working towards a racing goal or the simple act of just getting out the door on a hard day. It’s something concrete - a daily accomplishment and affirmation - and a reminder that I’m never truly stuck. I have a very real power and fire within myself to always take a step towards what I want.    

Has running helped you overcome challenges in life? 

Most recently, my love of running and drive to get back to the sport has pulled me through some of the most difficult experiences of my life. From becoming a mother and suffering major pelvic injury through childbearing, to a simultaneous battle with an abdominal tumor and a series of major surgeries - the goal of running long, gnarly routes through the mountains again is what keeps me doing the daily work.   

What advice do you have for new runners?  

Always check in and make sure running remains a positive in your life. We go through seasons as athletes, and if we want to be the best runners and people we can, it’s imperative we accept and adjust how the sport fits at different junctures. Keep things fluid and you’ll be a runner for life, no doubt.

Image of Symone smiling and wearing a running bib

When I run, I am able to forget about the anxieties or pressures outside of the track and focus on the present.

Symone Tafuna’i – Member of the Stolen Starts

Q & A

How has running helped you overcome challenges in life? 

I use running as an outlet for me especially when I’m not feeling well mentally. When I get to the track, I leave all my worries and stresses as soon as I leave my car and just focus on my training only. It’s my happy place and I will always cherish it for the rest of my life.  

What advice do you have for new runners?  

It is really dependent on what the new runner’s goal is when they begin their own running journey. No matter how big or small your goal is, just remember to always have FUN doing it.

How has running helped you work towards bettering yourself?

Running is what I call my ‘safe place’ and my ‘best friend’. When I run, I am able to forget about the anxieties or pressures outside of the track and focus on the present. Running has taught me how to be resilient and has allowed me to build on my self-confidence, which I have struggled with throughout my life.  

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