Built on a set of core values, New Balance is committed to giving back in good times and in bad. In 1981, Anne and Jim Davis established New Balance Foundation, ensuring their commitment to New Balance communities did not hinge on company profits.

Anne Davis brings her abiding passion for giving back to her role as New Balance Foundation’s managing trustee. Under Anne’s visionary leadership, New Balance Foundation has taken a strategic approach to reversing the trend of childhood obesity with an eye to long-term, sustainable change. The Davis family recognizes meaningful, societal change may take more than a decade, and the responsibility of philanthropy is being shared with the next generation. Kassia and Chris Davis are personally invested in New Balance Foundation, offering their guidance and contributing their time and knowledge to the non-profits we support.

Molly Santry and Megan Bloch serve as co-directors of New Balance Foundation. Molly brings more than 20 years of New Balance experience to her role while Megan brings a strong balance of non-profit and for-profit sector experience to the team. Together, they manage global philanthropy for New Balance Foundation and New Balance Athletics. A broader team supports the New Balance Foundation’s global work. The team’s collective commitment is evident in the success and stability of our grant relationships and program initiatives.

Our efforts are strengthened by New Balance associates, who devotedly share their passion for movement and who volunteer their time and talent to bolster mission-aligned charitable causes around the globe.