During New Balance Foundation’s formative years, our Trustees quietly contributed to organizations that focused on the betterment of children and our society. As we’ve grown, our programs have evolved – to meet the needs of the community, to build collaborative relationships and to seed innovative programs.

1981 New Balance Foundation Established


New Balance Foundation Established

Anne and Jim Davis demonstrate their unwavering commitment to New Balance communities by establishing New Balance Foundation and awarding $31,500 to local non‑profits.

1990s Grassroots Approach


Grassroots Approach

New Balance Foundation funds a number of grassroots, youth‑focused organizations as we focus in on supporting youth development and healthy lifestyles for at‑risk populations. Grants remain small until a $6.5 million company contribution to New Balance Foundation’s endowment in 1999 bolsters our giving capacity.

2000 Oak Square YMCA Boston


Oak Square YMCA, Boston

New Balance Foundation pledges $250,000 towards the Oak Square YMCA’s Campaign for Keeping Families Strong, helping to fund a new facility and expand opportunities for Allston‑Brighton’s diverse communities.

2000 Boston Children's Museum


Boston Children's Museum

New Balance Foundation grants $1 million to Boston Children's Museum – our
first commitment of this magnitude – to support programs focused on discovery, learning and active play. Following this, in 2003, New Balance Athletics pledges $5 million to expand and renovate the Museum, incorporating green design elements and providing space for health and wellness exhibitions. One of these, the three-story-tall New Balance Foundation Climb, challenges kids to use their bodies to explore and challenge the boundaries of space.

2004 Tufts University Friedman


Tufts University Friedman
School of Nutrition Science and

New Balance Foundation makes its first multi‑million dollar pledge to end childhood obesity with a 10-year commitment to Tufts University’s Children in Balance initiative.

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2004 Boston College Trustees City Connects


Boston College Trustees
City Connects

New Balance Foundation pledges an initial $1 million to City Connects, a Boston College project and national model for integrating comprehensive in- and out‑of‑school support for students in high‑poverty school districts. Multi‑year funding totaled $7 million and supported research, school expansion and implementation of the New Balance Foundation Health and Wellness curriculum, focusing on nutrition, physical activity and exercise, social relationships and anti‑bullying, and healthy choices and prevention.

2005 Habitat for Humanity New Orleans


Habitat for Humanity,
New Orleans

New Balance Athletics and New Balance Foundation grant $1 million to Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. This is just one example of the charitable support we have provided since 2001 to communities around the world that have been affected by natural and other catastrophic disaster.

2006 Centennial Playgrounds


Centennial Playgrounds

In celebration of New Balance Athletics, Inc.’ centennial, New Balance Foundation funds six playgrounds, in Boston and Lawrence, MA, and Skowhegan, Norridgewock, Norway and Paris ME. Contributing to the centennial celebrations, New Balance associates joined with the community to help build the playground structures.

2007 Move More Kids


Move More Kids

New Balance Foundation launches Move More Kids at Somerset Public Health to establish a coordinated resource delivery system for equipment, a curriculum and programming, as well as policy and culture change in the region.

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2010 Obesity Prevention Center at Boston


New Balance Foundation Obesity
Prevention Center, Boston
Children’s Hosptital

With a $7 million gift, we establish the New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center at Boston Children's Hospital, which addresses the obesity epidemic through research, clinical care, education and outreach.

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2011 Playworks National Partnership


Playworks National

Through New Balance Foundation’s first leadership grant to a national non-profit, Playworks supports learning and a positive school climate by providing healthy, inclusive play and physical activity.

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2012 American Red Cross Annual Disaster Responder Partner


American Red Cross Annual
Disaster Responder Partner

New Balance Foundation recognizes the recurring global need for disaster response and becomes an American Red Cross Annual Disaster Responder Partner with an initial $250,000 grant.

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2014 Billion Mile Race


New Balance Foundation
Billion Mile Race

New Balance Foundation becomes title sponsor of New Balance Foundation Billion Mile Race, a nationwide campaign to drive moderate-to-vigorous physical activity during school.

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2017 Boston Children's Hospital Fit Kit


Boston Children's Hospital
Fit Kit

The New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center at Boston Children's Hospital launches the Fit Kit, a state‑of‑the‑art obesity prevention resource for community organizations.

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2019 Camp Sunshine


Camp Sunshine

New Balance Foundation pledges $1 million to Camp Sunshine to endow one week of camp serving children and families battling chronic illness. This gift represents our unwavering commitment to children’s health and our support of more than 20 years to Camp Sunshine.

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2019 SquashBusters



New Balance Foundation pledges $3 million to SquashBusters, an urban squash program focused on serving youth in Boston, Lawrence and Providence, RI. SquashBusters seeks to provide underserved youth with a bridge to college success and improvement in their health and wellness. This gift supports the New Balance Foundation SquashBusters Center - a new squash and learning center serving Lawrence youth.

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2019 Crosses $100 Million Threshold


New Balance Foundation Crosses $100 Million Threshold

The establishment of New Balance Foundation by Jim and Anne Davis in 1981 demonstrated tremendous foresight by embracing responsible leadership and defined New Balance’s role in the world by supporting vibrant communities and by promoting good health for all. The Foundation remains steadfast in its mission to drive positive change in our global communities with an enduring commitment to preventing childhood obesity and championing the future success of today’s youth. To that end, New Balance Foundation has donated more than $100 million to non-profit organizations. This $100 million milestone is worthy of reflection and celebration!

2020 $2mm Covid-19 Relief Grants to Support Education and Food Insecurity Globally


$2mm Covid-19 Relief Grants to Support Education and Food Insecurity Globally