Introducing the 508

Brandon Westgate’s second signature model from NB Numeric.

Inspired by women everywhere.

Samarria Brevard and fellow New Balance athletes reflect on finding strength, helping each other, and creating a better future.

Meet the team

Skateboarder Tiago Lemos wearing a dark blue New Balance windbreaker

Tiago Lemos

Skateboarder Jamie Foy holding his board outside a building

Jamie Foy

Skateboarder Brandon Westgate wearing a black hoodie

Brandon Westgate

Close up of skateboarder Tom Knox wearing a red polo shirt

Tom Knox

Skateboarder Sammaria Brevard smiling in a white and yellow hoodie

Sammaria Brevard

Skateboarder Tom Karangelov holding his board in a roadside concrete drainage ditch

Tom Karangelov

Skateboarder Margie Didal holding her board at night on an urban sidewalk

Margie Didal

Skateboarder Tyler Surrey wearing a black graphic tee and grey hat

Tyler Surrey

Skateboarder Jack Curtin seated on his board in front of a large bridge

Jack Curtin

Close up of skateboarder Jake Hayes in front of a colorful wall mural

Jake Hayes

Skateboarder Jordan Taylor in a denim hat with small flowers falling around him

Jordan Taylor

Skateboarder Flo Mirtain wearing a white graphic tee and black hat in front of a colorful abstract wall mural

Flo Mirtain

Close up of skateboarder Jordan Trahan in front of a geometric wall mural

Jordan Trahan

Skateboarder JP Souza in a bus seat, wearing a black graphic tee and white retro snapback

JP Souza

Skateboarder Pedro Biagio standing outside in a black tee and camo pants

Pedro Biagio

Skateboarder Tre Williams running with his board in hand, wearing a yellow tee, denim shorts, and navy NB Numeric x Primitive Skateboards 212 shoes

Tre Williams

Skateboarder Ronnie Kessner sitting on a sidewalk, tying his white and grey Numeric 440 shoes with gum soles

Ronnie Kessner

Skateboarder Charlie Birch doing a boardslide down a metal handrail in white and red Numeric shoes

Charlie Birch

Skateboarder Franky Villani outside smiling in a beanie and graphic tee

Franky Villani

Skateboarder Marquise Henry smiling in a grey hoodie and black snapback

Marquise Henry