Opportunity Knox

Proudly introducing the 600, Tom Knox’s first signature model from New Balance Numeric.

Meet the team

Skateboarder Tiago Lemos wearing a dark blue New Balance windbreaker

Tiago Lemos

Skateboarder Jamie Foy holding his board outside a building

Jamie Foy

Skateboarder Andrew Reynolds standing in the street and holding a skateboard.

Andrew Reynolds

Skateboarder Brandon Westgate wearing a black hoodie

Brandon Westgate

Close up of skateboarder Tom Knox wearing a red polo shirt

Tom Knox

Skateboarder Samarria Brevard smiling in a white and yellow hoodie

Samarria Brevard

Skateboarder Tom Karangelov holding his board in a roadside concrete drainage ditch

Tom Karangelov

Skateboarder Franky Villani outside smiling in a beanie and graphic tee

Franky Villani

Skateboarder Jack Curtin seated on his board in front of a large bridge

Jack Curtin

Close up of skateboarder Jake Hayes in front of a colorful wall mural

Jake Hayes

Skateboarder Jordan Taylor in a denim hat with small flowers falling around him

Jordan Taylor

La planchiste Margie Didal, tenant sa planche sur un trottoir urbain en soirée

Margie Didal

Skateboarder Tyler Surrey wearing a black graphic tee and grey hat

Tyler Surrey

Skateboarder Flo Mirtain wearing a white graphic tee and black hat in front of a colorful abstract wall mural

Flo Mirtain

Close up of skateboarder Jordan Trahan in front of a geometric wall mural

Jordan Trahan

Skateboarder Pedro Biagio standing outside in a black tee and camo pants

Pedro Biagio

Skateboarder Tre Williams running with his board in hand, wearing a yellow tee, denim shorts, and navy NB Numeric x Primitive Skateboards 212 shoes

Tre Williams

Skateboarder Ronnie Kessner sitting on his board wearing New Balance clothing and Numeric shoes

Ronnie Kessner

Skateboarder Charlie Birch doing a boardslide down a metal handrail in white and red Numeric shoes

Charlie Birch