Proudly designed and developed by women.

New Balance MADE contains a domestic value of 70% or more. MADE makes up a limited portion of New Balance’s US sales.


These 992 and 997S models are uniquely crafted, from design to development, by the power, grit and commitment of women supporting other women.


Meet the women behind the shoes.

Meet the women behind the shoes.

...showcasing what women can accomplish when we work together and when we're given the chance, is extremely important. We have immense talent among the women in New Balance and projects like this challenge us to do better.

Kareem Arcano, Industrial Engineer, Manufacturing

...we're here to serve the female consumer who wants a shoe that speaks to her and she wants it to tell her story.

Erin Learoyd, Product Development Technical Lead

I hope that by the end of this decade we have a level playing field in all male dominated industries and that we're giving women the opportunity to create and co-create and deliver great programs like this to all industries.

Sunni Fleming, Sr. Project Manager MADE

This process was amazing because it really brought a lot of women together that maybe would not have worked together before into the fold and we really built a community and I really enjoyed that.

Nathalie Kinney-Greer, Designer I, Lifestyle

I really try to promote a collaborative work environment. I think it's important that everybody in the room has a seat at the table and has an opinion that matters.

Melissa Worth, Senior Vice President, North America

This project is important because it's more than just a shoe. There's a purpose, a reason behind it... to celebrate the achievements of women, the accomplishments of women, and really to see what more we can do in the future.

Chris Epplett, Domestic Program Manager

...empowering each other is very important and seeing somebody who you can relate to that you look to as a role model, really encourage you and push you is inspiring.

Melissa Cordwell, Product Developer

...this program was so refreshing to be looking around the table and seeing every single person was contributing meaningfully to this program, and they were all women.

Katie Murphy, Marketing Manager all comes down to teamwork... we should be lifting each other up, supporting one another, and when you're in the minority, there's always power in numbers.

Helene Juillard, Senior Merchandising Manager

I hope projects like this continue to bring awareness to the importance women play within the workforce as well as lead the way for sneaker brands to speak to women in a unique and authentic way.

Alexis Anzlovar, General Manager, Product Marketing

I think anybody supporting anybody is important, but women overall, just because we have to prove ourselves time and time again.

Lisa Chirico, Sales Manager, Lifestyle

As a supervisor, every time we make a women’s shoe everyone is happy because women are doing it. So, we feel happy and proud of the work that is finally achieved.

Yokasta Almonte, Team Supervisor, Manufacturing

I hope that “all-women” or “mostly-women” environments will no longer be notable. Right now, “all-male” or “mostly-male” environments are considered normal. Why should it be any different for women?

Monica Gorman, Vice President of Responsible Leadership & Global Compliance

I think it's important to highlight the fact that women work in a man's world... it's manufacturing and there's a lot of women that are downstairs doing a man's job.

Lacey Bender, Production Manager, Manufacturing

Footwear Proudly Developed and Designed by Women

We’re celebrating the power, grit and commitment of women with a new Made in the USA collection. Featuring the 992 and the 997 Sport, this inaugural release was proudly designed and developed by women, for women.

Two shoes are featured in this release. We brought back the 992 for the first time since it was launched in the early 2000s. Today, it’s an elegant take on a heritage design, updated with premium materials including angora-colored suede, Horween leather, and micro ripstop in a tonal desert-inspired color pallet that will effortlessly fit into and elevate any wardrobe. The other half of this pack, the 997 Sport, received a progressive twist. The sporty silhouette features a suede upper with bold pops with teal and pink accents and embroidered detailing that will instantly energize your look.

We’re honored to say that every touchpoint, from ideation to launch including the manufacturing of this pack, included women. It was also made right here in the United States in our Lawrence, MA, factory. So, you can proudly wear a shoe specifically meant to empower you.
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