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New Balance always has, and always will be, committed to making shoes in the U.S. For over 75 years, we have been committed to creating quality products in America. Join us and the thousands of other American Makers who understand that making things here matters.
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We're proud to employ 1,300 U.S. Factory workers. That's 1,300 more than any of our competitors. When it comes to strengthening our local economies, creating jobs, and crafting quality products, Made in America matters. At New Balance it always has. And it always will.

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To show our continued support for American Makers, a father-and-son team makes our in-store fixtures by hand. See their craftsmanship in action.

America is for makers

To show our continued support for American Makers, a father-and-son team makes our in-store fixtures by hand. See their craftsmanship in action.

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Our commitment to domestic manufacturing allows New Balance to employ 1,300 skilled American workers. We also purchase materials from many domestic suppliers, who employ over 7,000 workers locally. Take a closer look at each of our factories, where craftsmanship is always on display.

Boston, MA

We made our first pair of running shoes in Boston in 1938. Today, at our 50,000 square foot factory on Newton Street, our associates use a state-of-the-art manufacturing process to produce the 812 walking shoe. They also produce service-industry footwear, harkening back to the company's original reason for being— to help working people stay comfortable on their feet.

Lawrence, MA

Housed in the historic Ayer Mill building, the factory is a look back at American manufacturing from the outside and a bold look at its future on the inside. Our associates use high-tech equipment and the latest production techniques to cut, stitch and assemble running and walking shoes from raw materials and ship them out to the world.

Norridgewock, ME

New Balance came to the historic shoemaking town of Norridgewock in 1982. Built in 1945, the Depot Street building is the workplace of almost 400 associates. Each pair of shoes they produce is a proud work of craftsmanship that carries a little bit of the long history that is the town and its people.

Norway, ME

Built in 1972, our building in Norway doesn't have as long a history as some of our other buildings, but its heritage as a shoemaking factory, and of Norway as a shoemaking town, go deep into the foundations. The one-time Melville Shoe building was purchased by New Balance in 1997 and today their 200 associates proudly produce many of the company's walking and running shoes.

Skowhegan, ME

In 1982, New Balance acquired a large facility formerly owned and operated by Norwalk Shoe Company in Skowhegan, the home of a highly skilled workforce of experienced shoemakers. From the iconic 990 series to the 1300 and the collectible offerings of our legendary Super Team 33, today many of our most recognizable, iconic shoes come out of Skowhegan.
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